The weekend of March 25-26th was the annual JSS Spring Seminar and Taikai. Thank you to Tyl Dermine-sensei, Ellery Engalla-sensei, and Gabriel Djinn-sensei for your instruction and guidance at the seminar. We hope everyone took back some key lessons to their home dojos.

Congratulations to everyone who competed for a fantastic showing at the taikai!

Yudansha Engi:

  • 3rd: Daiki & Birgit Siegert-Iriyama

Yudansha Men Shiai:

  • 1st: Daiki Siegert-Iriyama
  • 2nd: Kevin Hallé

Dangai Engi:

  • 1st: YuMeng Liu & Khoa Doan
  • 3rd: Audrey Sassi & Grace Yoo

Dangai Men Shiai:

  • 2nd: Banrong Hu

Dangai Women Shiai:

  • 3rd: Audrey Sassi

Fighting Spirit: Grace Yoo and Kevin Hallé

  • April 1, 2023

March 4th was the 5th Annual Canadian Winter Classic tournament. CWC is our yearly community taikai focused on fostering connection between dojos and ranks, and on providing the opportunity for everyone to have shinpan, shiai-kyogi, and engi-kyogi experience. This year we were excited to have participation from 7 Canadian dojos: Québec, Montréal, Rosemont, Concordia, McGill, UofT, and JCCC Naginata clubs! We were glad to welcome new faces and say hello again to our regulars.

It was a great tournament to kick off our last year of training leading up to 2024 World’s! Thank you to Marija Landekic for organizing this tournament. And now, the results:

Engi-kyogi 4kyu & below:

  • 1st: Emma Cheung & Ali Mohammed Javed
  • 2nd: Taiga Jay & Chloe Hugla
  • 3rd: Fabio Sasseron & Héloïse Joffreau


  • 1st: Kevin Hallé & William Choi
  • 2nd: Tomas Almonte & Jordan Macklem
  • 3rd: Sam Zhou & Audrey Sassi

Shiai-kyogi (individuals):

  • 1st: Jordan Macklem
  • 2nd: Tomas Almonte
  • 3rd: Kevin Hallé

Shiai-kyogi (teams):

  • 1st: Lutan Liu, Kevin Hallé, François Couture-Hebert, Jason Lujan
  • 2nd: Grace Yoo, Julia Luo, Banrong Hu, Martin Dauphinais
  • 3rd: Tomas Almonte, Joy Meng, Philippe Mercier, Jonathan Lee

Best Match: Audrey Sassi vs Banrong Hu (Shiai-kyogi)
Fighting Spirit: Grace Yoo and Banrong Hu
Best Student Shinpan: Joy Meng

Congratulations to everyone!

  • March 5, 2023

December 10-11 was the Quebec Regional Tournament, with individual shiai, team shiai, and engi tournaments! We were especially excited to welcome Concordia Naginata beginners to one of their first big tournaments.

Special thanks to Marija Landekic for organizing the event. And now, for the results:

Individual Shiai:

  • 1st Place: Marija Landekic
  • 2nd Place: Julia Luo
  • 3rd Place: Kevin Hallé

Team Shiai:

  • 1st Place: Concordia (Kevin, Jérémy, Daiki)


  • 1st Place: Marija Landekic & Kevin Hallé
  • 2nd Place: Jérémy Frandon & Birgit Siegert-Iriyama
  • 3rd Place: Julia Luo & Daikai Siegert-Iriyama

Fighting Spirit: Birgit Siegert-Iriyama

  • December 12, 2022

Congratulations to all those who graded at the Wild Rose Naginata Club and Concordia Naginata Club grading on Dec. 11th. One 5kyu and five 4kyu ranks were earned! We’re excited to see the community growing and look forward to practicing with our newest members in the near future.

  • December 12, 2022

The first Montreal Intercollegiate Tournament was held on Nov. 5th. Organized by McGill Naginata Club, this shinjin taikai allowed beginners from McGill and Concordia Universities to experience their first external competition.

Beginners were introduced to the etiquette and procedures of competing in engi-kyogi; intermediates carried through the organization; and advanced students practiced shinpan duties.

The collegiate naginata community is growing well in Quebec, with the new Concordia Naginata Club making its competition debut and McGill becoming an organizational powerhouse. We can hope to see both clubs in more events, such as the rumored Quebec Regional Taikai, and collaborating on projects such as the Intercollegiate Tournaments.


Written by: Jeremy Frandon

  • November 6, 2022

Oct. 15-16 was the annual CNF Seminar! Thank you very much to the sensei and organizers for a wonderful seminar.

We’re especially grateful to Schmucker-sensei (Renshi), D’hose-sensei (Renshi), and Kubo-sensei (5dan) who were in attendance. We had the opportunity to practice kata, learn new drills, review basics, and strengthen our fundamentals. We all learned much from sensei to take back into our regular practice.

Congratulations also to the new yudansha and kyu ranks earned this seminar! Three new 2-dan, one new shodan, and several kyu ranks were graded. 

We’re excited to see the community grow and we look forward to seeing everyone again!

  • October 17, 2022

Our yearly CNF Seminar will be held on October 15-16 in Montreal. There will be grading up to 2-dan available at the seminar – please check with your dojo leaders about grading. Note that there will be no taikai this year. In exciting news, we will have in attendance two sensei from overseas!

More details to come.

  • September 5, 2022

A shinpan seminar was held in Montreal on August 14 to teach beginners the basics of being shinpan for shiai matches – we went through basic vocabulary, motions, and how to judge ippon!

  • August 15, 2022
Photo credit: Richard Yang

June 18th was the return of the Toronto Naginata Tournament, rounding off our flurry of Spring events! Special thanks to Jordan Macklem for organizing the tournament. Congratulations to everyone!


  • First Place: Marija Landekić
  • Second Place: Jordan Macklem
  • Third Place: Tomas Almonte


  • First Place:
    • Lutan Liu, Kaori Kubo, Bryce Hu, Muchun Han
  • Second Place:
    • Mira Wu, Mary Phan, Erin, Marija Landekić, Richard Yang
  • Third Place:
    • Mary-Kate Proud, Wendy Leung, Grace Yoo, Jordan Macklem, Kevin Hallé

Fighting Spirit Award

  • Abigail Lim
  • June 20, 2022