July 2019

The 7th World Naginata Championships were hosted by the Deutscher Naginata Bund (German Naginata Federation) and took place in Weisbaden, Germany from July 4-10, 2019.

The Championships involved various divisions:

  • Engi:
    • Shikake-Oji
    • Zen Nihon Renmei no Kata
  • Shiai:
    • Women’s Team
    • Men’s Team
    • Women’s Individual
    • Men’s Individual

Other than the actual tournament above, there was also the Goodwill Tournament:

  • Goodwill Shiai Individual Women
  • Goodwill Shiai Individual Men 

Among the many great naginataka, Team Canada earned 2nd place in Women’s Team Shiai! 🍁

  • July 22, 2019