March 2019

FB_IMG_1552920249478The first Annual Winter Classis Taikai in Montreal was a resounding success!

Naginata Senshu from across Canada brought their best performances to the table with a great showing building up to the World Naginata Championships later this year.

Taikai Results:

1st place: Jordan Macklem and Tomas Paolo Almonte
2nd place: Lutan Liu and Abigail Lim
3rd place: Mary-Kate Proud and Mary Phan

Individual shiai:
1st place: Marija Landekic
2nd place: Lutan Liu
3rd place: Tomas Almonte

Team Shiai:
1st place: Team Gabriel Conquer, Andrew Boyd and Tomas Almonte
2nd place: Team Joanna Nguyen, Lutan Liu and Antoine Fromentin
3rd place: Team Keisuke Nakajima, William Choi and Jordan Macklem

Congratulations to all participants and let’s keep the momentum going forward!

  • March 22, 2019