CNF Nationals Results


The CNF National Championships were a great show of the effort everyone’s put into training in the past year. We’re excited to see where everyone will go from here as we head into the last year of training before 2024 Worlds! Thank you to everyone who came to participate and help run the tournament! And thank you to Marija Landekic for organizing the tournament.

Without further ado, here are the results:

Dangai engi-kyogi:

  • 1st: Grace Yoo (Rosemont) & Audrey Sassi (McGill)
  • 2nd: Mei Yang (Rosemont) & Trivinh Truong (McGill)
  • 3rd: Ryan Shim (Montreal) & Héloïse Joffreau (Montreal)

Yudansha engi-kyogi:

  • 1st: Alan McDougall & Dan Bouchard (Wild Rose)
  • 2nd: Birgit Siegert-Iriyama & Daiki Siegert-Iriyama (Montreal)
  • 3rd: Sam Zhou & Julia Luo (Rosemont)

Dangai shiai-kyogi:

  • 1st: Banrong Hu (UofT)
  • 2nd: Grace Yoo (Rosemont)
  • 3rd: Audrey Sassi (McGill)

Open shiai-kyogi:

  • 1st: Dan Bouchard (Wild Rose)
  • 2nd: Sam Zhou (Rosemont)
  • 3rd: Kevin Hallé (Concordia)

Teams shiai-kyogi:

  • 1st: Rosemont – Sam Zhou, Julia Luo, Grace Yoo
  • 2nd: Wild Rose – Dan Bouchard, Alan McDougall, Daiki Siegert-Iriyama
  • 3rd: Concordia – Kevin Hallé, Jérémy Frandon, Mei Yang

Fighting Spirit: Taiga Jay (UofT) and Trivinh Truong (McGill)

  • June 16, 2023