2019 JSS Yamauchi Memorial Taikai



Congratulations to both the McGill and Montreal Naginata Clubs on their outstanding showing at the JSS Yamauchi Memorial Taikai hosted by The East Coast Naginata Federation in New Jersey this past weekend.

Both clubs brought their best and brought back the hardware to prove it! Here are the taikai results:

Dangai Engi:

  • First: Trevor Won/Ahnika Emery
  • Second: Karina Aksakal/Celia Slama (McGill)
  • Third: Gwenyth Evans/Ching Ching Shiue

Yudansha Engi:

  • First: Rebecca Pomeroy/Jessica Espinosa
  • Second: Antoine Fromentin/Ji Ni (Montreal)
  • Third: Yves Crepeau/Manon Dozois (Montreal)

Dangai Shiai Women’s Division:

  • First: Joanna Nguyen (McGill)
  • Second: Akiko Nakagawa (McGill)
  • Third: Henintsoa Rakatomalala (McGill)

Dangai Shiai Men’s Division:

  • First: Keisuke Nakajima (McGill)
  • Second: Sam Zhou (McGill)
  • Third: Trevor Won

Yudansha Shiai Women’s Division:

  • First: Rebecca Pomeroy
  • Second: Lily Hsin
  • Third: Sasha Nanette

Yudansha Shiai Men’s Division:

  • First: Antoine Fromentin (Montreal)
  • Second: Simon Bruins (McGill)
  • Third: Raphael Djinn

Congratulations to all competitors and a special thank you to the ECNF for being such abiding hosts!

  • April 3, 2019