Grace Yoo

Oct 16-17 was the return of the annual CNF Seminar! It was incredible to have so many clubs gather and to practice safely with everyone in person again.

This year’s seminar focused on solidifying fundamentalstaking bogu practice to the next levellearning to teach, and shinpan training. We hope that everyone found some points to reflect on and take back to home dojos!

Thank you very much to the instructors for all the sessions:

  • Kaori Kubo (5dan)
  • Marija Landekic (4dan)
  • Tomas Almonte (3dan)
  • Simon Bruins (3dan)
  • Mary-Kate Proud (3dan)
  • Lutan Liu (2dan) and Alan McDougall (2dan)

Keep an eye out for a future post on the Regional Taikai results!

  • October 20, 2021

We’re excited to announce the return of the annual CNF Seminar, and that Regional Taikai will be held in Western Canada, Toronto, and Quebec. Details below:

CNF Seminar:

  • Dates: October 16 & 17
  • Location: Montreal, Quebec
  • Notes:
    • In person
    • CNF members only
    • Double-vaccination required
    • Mask required
    • All local, provincial, and federal health guidelines will be obeyed

Regional Taikai (and the relevant point-person):

  • TorontoOctober 30 – Mary-Kate Proud
  • Edmonton: November 7 – Alan McDougall
  • Montreal: November 14 – Marija Landekic

Please contact the point-person for each region for further details!

  • September 1, 2021

The CNF has recently selected new officers. Thank you to everyone who applied to help us support and further Naginata in Canada; we look forward to continuing to work together on this mission in the future.

Please welcome:

  • President: Marija Landekic
  • Vice President: Kaori Kubo
  • Treasurer: Birgit Siegert-Iriyama
  • Executive Secretary: Jordan Macklem
  • Membership Secretary: Daiki Siegert-Iriyama

We are deeply grateful to the previous officers for their hard work; in particular, Antoine Fromentin-sensei, our previous President. He has been instrumental in shaping Canadian Naginata over the past years and growing the Federation to what it is today. Thank you, Antoine-sensei, for your time as President and we hope to practice with you again soon!

  • August 31, 2021