CNF Fiscal Year Change


The CNF fiscal year will be changed as of 2023 to line up with the calendar year. This means that going forward, dojo and membership fees will be due on January 1st of the given year. A couple notes on some caveats:

  • People who have already paid their 2022-2023 membership will have that membership extended to the end of 2023. Therefore, if you renewed your CNF membership in September of 2022, your next renewal will be January 1st 2024 (this also applies to dojo membership fees).
  • It is common for new members to first register for the CNF along with their first attendance of the annual CNF Seminar in October, or at the beginning of the school year in September. To accommodate this: First-time members who register in September or October of a given year will be considered to be paid in full for the following year (ie. if a brand new member registers in September 2023, they will not renew until January 1st 2025).
  • January 1, 2023