Team Canada

The 7th World Naginata Championship in Wiesbaden, Germany was an incredible turnout for Canadian naginata!

This year featured the Canadian women’s shiai team, bringing home a hard-fought, well earned silver medal! Canada also took 4th place in the Engi-kyogi division, and 5 (yes, 5) top 8 finishes across the Goodwill Shiai-Kyogi divisions. Great work everyone!

Women’s Team Shiai

Sempo: Marija Landekic [2nd]
Chuken: Lutan Liu [2nd]
Taisho: Mary Phan [2nd]

Men’s Team Shiai

Sempo: Tomas Almonte
Chuken: Jordan Macklem
Taisho: Dan Bouchard

Women’s Individual Shiai

Marija Landekic [Top 8]
Mary-Kate Proud
Abigail Lim

Men’s Individual Shiai

Tomas Almonte
Jordan Macklem
Dan Bouchard


Antoine Fromentin ‒ Marija Landekic


Andrew Boyd ‒ Jordan Macklem [4th]
Lutan Liu ‒ Abigail Lim

Goodwill Shiai-Kyogi – Women’s Individual

Mika Snyed
Neha Ahmed
Abigail Lim
Mary-Kate Proud
Julia Luo [4th]

Goodwill Shiai-Kyogi – Men’s Individual

Andrew Boyd [Top 8]
Alan McDougall [Top 8]
Yves Crepeau
William Choi [Top 8]
Kevin Halle [Top 8]

Congratulations, and well done to all! We look forward to further developments for the next WNC!

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